What It’s Like Living Low Maintenance

Let’s face it, being a responsible adult means having a to-do list that seems never to end. You have to do everything — from paying your taxes to shopping at the supermarket. For homeowners, this is somehow doubly true. Owning your own property brings a great deal of freedom and joy, but it also means taking care of the home itself. Checking the gutters, repairing any wear and tear, mowing the lawn — there are a million things that need doing when you own a home. Usually, a home is not a low-maintenance item to buy. 

Unless, of course, you’re buying a home in one of the communities developed by the Coastal Community Real Estate Group (CCREG). These expansive properties are very popular among active adults who are looking for a change of scenery. When you buy a property in Collingwood Towns at Brunswick Forest or at The Home Place of Southport, NC you get more than just an impeccably designed home nestled among stunning scenery. 

You also get the promise of low maintenance living. No more lawn-mowing for you, my friend. That means you spend more time on the pickleball court or exploring the local towns, while knowing your property is well cared for. What could be better?

Bring On the Easy Living

What does it mean for a property to be “low-maintenance”? For the folks at CCREG, it means planning for ease from the get-go. For example, The Home Place of Southport has partnered with Premier Homes, a local builder with decades of experience, and worked with them to plan homes designed to be sturdy and easy to maintain. 

These homes are constructed of brick, not only giving them a timeless look, but creating a low maintenance and durable exterior. Residents of The Home Place of Southport also enjoy full yard and lawn care, working with excellent landscapers who make sure your outdoor space stays immaculate. 

Amenities Galore in Collingwood Towns

One of CCREG’s extraordinary communities for active adults in North Carolina is Brunswick Forest, where folks can live among the abundant natural beauty of the region and enjoy endless amenities. Among these perks is the ability to enjoy a roomy, design-forward home and have the maintenance taken care of by someone else. 

Take Collingwood Towns in Brunswick Forest, for example. This neighborhood was built by Trusst Builder group, a local North Carolina builder with a stellar track record of building homes that are both solid and sleek. Their designs offer 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a screened-in porch, where you can sip sweet tea or coffee and enjoy your yard. The one that’s being maintained by professional landscapers. Once you’ve taken in the breathtaking natural beauty, head down to one of the swimming pools or go for a kayak ride along Town Creek. While you enjoy the Atlantic coast, your home will be cared for on your behalf. 

The Home Place: Privacy and Serenity

The Home Place of Southport is a haven of privacy, tranquility, and low-maintenance living. Nestled among the coastal charm of Southport itself, this community offers residents the opportunity to live in a peaceful retreat. All while being a stone’s throw from the nearby town and all it offers. Surrounded by rich landscapes and full of thoughtfully designed homes, the community provides an atmosphere of quietude, inviting individuals and families to enjoy a peaceful living experience in an exclusive setting.

When you buy one of these properties, it’s like you’re on a permanent vacation in a conveniently located, beautifully crafted home. Each home is built to last, using weather-resistant materials that ensure superior protection against coastal elements like wind and salt. All while keeping your home’s temperature pleasant. The Home Place of Southport also offers lawn care. So you can leave those edgers behind when you head to the Carolina coast. 

There’s never been a better time to embrace a low-maintenance lifestyle. Our team of experts loves helping new residents discover all that’s wonderful about living in coastal Carolina. Including the perks of living at a CCREG community! Give us a call at 833-767-1745 to learn more about easy living.