Relocating to North Carolina

Beautiful area beaches, scenic mountains, attractive cities, and mild year-round weather. What’s not to love about North Carolina? For a variety of reasons, people just like you have been relocating to the Tarheel State.

One of the biggest enticements for people is the location and climate. North Carolina offers midyear-round weather while still enjoying four seasons. There is a variety of terrain offered throughout the state from miles of gorgeous coastline to picturesque mountain ranges to expansive green space.NorthCarolina also has plenty of cities such as charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Wilmington that offer plenty of employment opportunities, events, and things to do.

Another reason people look to relocate is the affordability. The average cost of living and tax rates inNorth Carolina are reported lower than many other states, providing you with a more flexible income and worry-free lifestyle.According to a study done by Bankrate, North Carolina was one of the top places to retire, with the most important category being affordability (a look at wellness, weather, culture, and crime were included in the study as well).

If you’re thinking about relocating to North Carolina, we encourage you to consider the Carolina coast! According to sources such as ideal-Living, Brunswick County, NC was the top county moved to since January 2020. With beautiful area beaches and close proximity to Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, many people find their paradise here. We encourage you to visit! Our team coastal Community Real Estate Group helps dozens of people every month find their home here. One of our local experts will be happy to show you around! Give us a call to learn more: 855-902-9575