Quiz: Are You Perfect for Townhome Living?

Choosing a home is a delicate, detailed process. It’s important to consider all kinds of particulars as you search for the perfect place, to think about what truly brings you joy. Sometimes it’s the simple things, like being near nature, or having a great restaurant around the corner. Sometimes the deciding factor will be more practical, like having access to great medical care or easy transportation. Whatever your criteria, they will be unique to you and your desires or needs. 

With all that in mind, it’s not surprising that this choice may feel a little overwhelming to many folks. So, if you’re looking for a way to start the thought process, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts has put together a quick quiz to give you an idea of whether the townhome life is for you. Simply answer a few questions and check out your results at the end! 

Townhome Living Lifestyle Quiz

  1. What’s your ideal climate?
    1. Cool year-round, with a few warmer days in the mix.
    2. Hot, hot, hot!
    3. I’m a winter person.
    4. I like all the seasons.
  1. Would you describe yourself as a…
    1. City person. Give me world-class dining and shopping, please.
    2. Outdoors enthusiast! 
    3. Homebody, although I love having guests.
    4. All of the above.
  1. What’s your number one must-have in a home?
    1. Storage and extra rooms.
    2. Outdoor space, like a yard or a patio. 
    3. All on one level. 
    4. Multiple bathrooms and a great kitchen. 
  1. How do you kick back and relax?
    1. Spa day and shopping, of course!
    2. Hiking and exploring nature trails. 
    3. Wandering through museums and galleries. 
    4. Spending time with friends. 
  1. Are you a…
    1. World-traveler.
    2. Fan of local living.
    3. Road-tripper.
    4. I love all kinds of exploring, at home and on the road.
  1. If you had to choose a favorite sport, what would it be?
    1. Take me to the links, golf is my favorite.
    2. Anything with water!
    3. Team sports are the best.
    4. Anything, as long as I can stay active. 
  1. How do you feel about household maintenance and chores?
    1. I love taking care of my own home. 
    2. Meh, I could live without it. 
    3. I like everything but lawn care.
    4. I really wish I didn’t have to do any chores anymore.
  1. Choose one characteristic that would make a house a home.
    1. Access to really great amenities, like a pool or a gym.
    2. Outdoor space for an herb and flower garden.
    3. Privacy and plenty of storage.
    4. All of those sound great to me!
  1. Let’s talk about food. Do you prefer:
    1. Eating out, preferably at a five-star restaurant.
    2. Cooking on a campfire.
    3. I’m a foodie! Let me cook you some crazy eats. 
    4. I don’t really think about it, I’ll eat whatever’s around.

The results are in!

If you answered mostly As: 

You’re a worldly sophisticate with a mind of your own. You love being pampered and enjoying the finer things in life, and you love a great party. That said, you also love spending time re-energizing and caring for the space you call home. You would fit right in at Collingwood Towns, the new luxury community by Brunswick Forest, where elegant and low-maintenance designs allow residents to enjoy a beautifully crafted quiet, private home that’s still close to all the hustle-bustle and culture of the Wilmington metro area

If you answered mostly Bs: 

You’re a wilderness enthusiast! You probably have plenty of camping gear and know how to pitch a tent and start a campfire without too much trouble. You love supporting your local community, and your local community loves you. You’d be a great candidate for townhome living, especially near the gorgeous beaches, abundant water sports, and picturesque nature trails on the Carolina coast. You prefer to be outdoors, and a low-maintenance duplex or villa home like the ones at The Home Place of Southport would let you spend more time in the open air than inside vacuuming.

If you answered mostly Cs:

You love community, you love culture, and you love delicious eats. You feel your best when you’re able to connect to the people who live near you over deep conversations and when spending time in a casual, at-home setting. All of these are an inherent part of townhome life! But Southport, NC is also not a winter wonderland, so you’d have to consider whether an ice-and-snow situation is truly your must-have landscape before deciding to join the fun at The Home Place of Southport.

If you answered mostly Ds:

You’re an easygoing, laid-back, friendly person. Everyone loves spending time with you; you’re always up for an adventure or a lazy Sunday afternoon — whatever’s happening is great with you. Since you like a little bit of everything, townhome living would look great on you, because that’s what The Home Place of Southport has. With access to everything from galleries and live music to kayaking and pickleball, this is the perfect spot for someone with a zest for life like you have. 

If you’re interested in townhome living, give us a call at 833-939-3814 or make an appointment online.