Our Five Favorite Tips to Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal

With the seasons changing, it’s time for a little refresh! Whether you are looking to list your house, are just ready for a change, or want your home to stand out in your neighborhood, there are plenty of options for giving your home a facelift! Whether it be a simple modification or a larger project, each of the following ideas can make a big difference and enhance your home’s curb appeal!

Replace your hardware. Are your house numbers a little dull or faded? Has your door handle and lock set lost its shine? Maybe your outdoor light fixtures need an update? All these items are functional and necessary, but they also offer a chance to give your home some personality! We suggest replacing old fixtures with pieces that match and complement each other for a sleek and cohesive look!

Upgrade your seating. Not only is your front porch a great space to enjoy the weather but having furniture by the front door makes your home feel welcoming. Whether you choose a pair of classic Adirondack chairs, a conversation set, or even a porch swing, this will create a nice and inviting touch. For extra flair, add some bright and fun throw pillows!

Welcome guests with your doormat. A new welcome mat is a small change but can make a huge difference! Whether you choose a classic welcome mat, or something cute and clever, a brand-new doormat gives your home a more polished look and adds character. You can even try the new trend of layering doormats for additional charm!

Refresh your planter beds. Give the planter beds new life with some maintenance and updates. Pull out any weeds and trim bushes to create a clean and organized look. Clean or reset any pieces of the bed’s borders and replace your groundcover if needed with new mulch or pine straw. For an extra boost, add pops of color with some perennial flowers to enjoy year after year!

Planters, window boxes, hanging plants, and wreaths. Adding greenery on and around the porch gives your space life! Whether you choose planters with mixed greenery and flowers, bright seasonal flowers in a flower box, or choose to hang ferns, ivy, or flowers, this can have a great effect on your curb appeal. Choose colors that will complement the color of your house and something you will enjoy! Don’t have a green thumb? Try a wreath instead! Wreaths can give the look and feel of flowers and greenery without maintenance and care.

No matter your budget or your schedule, there are steps you can make to improve your curb appeal. Not only will your house look beautiful, but you will enjoy your front porch and yard more as well!