Four Reasons to Visit the Beach in Autumn

The Beach is More Than Strictly a Summer Getaway

Everyone loves to go to the beach during the summer. When it’s hot and you need a cool place to dip in the water and soak up the sun, it’s a perfect destination. But did you know going to the beach is popular even during “off-season” months? There are plenty of good reasons to visit the beach on a cool Autumn day such as fewer crowds, great fishing, active sports, and mild year-round temperatures.

Fewer Crowds

Perhaps the most obvious benefit about visiting our sparkling white-sand beaches during the “off-season” is that most summer tourists have gone away. Having a clearer view of the waves is always a good thing, and the Autumn season allows for a front-row seat without excess crowds around. What’s the result of all this? It’s a crisp, and comfortable time to immerse yourself in a coastal lifestyle that’s unobstructed. Fewer crowds on the beach this time of year means you’ll have more time to in where you live, without the summer rush.

Fantastic Fishing

As the waters up North become colder this time of year, fish will ride the currents down South to where things are a lot warmer. That means more opportunities for local anglers to get out on the water and reel in a big one! Red Drum, Sheepshead, and Flounder are regional favorites here. They are always plentiful in and around the waters surrounding Southeastern North Carolina. There are even big-time fishing tournaments that go on this time of year, such as the U.S. Open King Mackerel Tournament held annually down in Southport. Whether it’s at Wrightsville Beach on Jonnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier or taking the boat out to a favorite fishing hole, there’s always good angling to be had in Autumn. Fewer crowds also mean more spots available for locals looking to do some surf casting!

Mild Year-Round Temperatures

Even in September, temperatures in Southeastern North Carolina can range from the high 70’s to the low 80’s. The beach is a perfect place to visit even after summer comes to an end because it’s so warm. And since these temperatures prevail year-round, locals here on the Carolina coast have more opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy their lifestyles to the fullest.

Frequent Outdoor Activities

Soccer, cornhole, horseshoes, shelling, kite flying, volleyball, and other activities are perfect ways to have fun on the beach. The mild temperatures here give you an opportunity to play longer and in greater comfort than you would in the middle of the summer.

Give it a Try

During Autumn, the beach becomes your own personal paradise. It’s all the fun of going to the seashore during warmer months of the year, but with better opportunities to sit back and truly enjoy everything without dozens of people getting sand in your tanning spot. Next time you want to immerse yourself in what makes coastal Carolina wonderful, try going to the beach in Autumn!