Enjoy the Parade and Learn Design Trends

This month, the Wilmington Home Builder Association is hosting its annual Parade of homes tour. Many master-planned neighborhoods are following suit with their own mini-showcases. Brunswick Forest Leland, North Carolina has had such an interest in their home tour events they’ve scheduled six for 2021. Everyone likes to tour model homes and it’s a great opportunity to learn the new design trends for 2021.

As you begin your tour, one thing you may notice right from the start is a trend in the color palette in many of these new homes. That’s because the Pantone color of the year for 2021 is a neutral tone called ultimate Graypaired with a lovely, bright yellow tone called illuminating. You’ll find variations of these two sprinkled throughout the interiors of many new homes this year including the bimini Baby Fogleman Builders.

2021’s approach to design is marked by colorful decoration and free-spirited maximalist style. Colored kitchen cabinets and center islands and vibrant colors will be a common theme throughout many of the model homes. There is starting to be a departure from the grey color palette for kitchens and indigo blue is becoming a popular color choice for 2021. Check out the Biscayne, liberty Homes in Brunswick Forest to get a feel for this trend. However, designers predict that green may actually be the new cabinet color for 2021. Lighter and darker shades of green will be popping up all over adding an element of drama to your kitchen.

The minimalistic, all-white interiors of 2020 may also be coming to an end with designers adding bright colors to give their rooms more pizzazz. Bold tile patterns and an eclectic mix of scales and prints, large subway tile and mosaic patterns make a statement and create a focal point in many of the rooms. Mixing checks and stripes is also a popular theme with wall coverings and fabrics.

Trim and finish details like shiplap and exposed beams continue to be a popular choice here in the coastal south. These details can be seen in many of the new homes including those built by Kent and Legacy Homes. However, there is a current shift toward adding tile, plaster, rattan and even a living wall of plants to homes as 2021 design trends begin to change. Industrial is another strong trend for 2021. Industrial interior style often incorporates elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and neutral colors. Many of these design elements can be seen in new homes built by throughout Wilmington.

So, over the next two weeks bring your notepad and take some photos of the trends you like. Many of the builder representatives will be in their homes so you can ask questions too and get some creative design ideas. The Parade of Homes could be your first step to learning the new trends for 2021.