Coastal Living: Surprising Benefits

A Natural Component of a Good Life

Living by the water in Southeastern North Carolina can be seen as a glamorous way of life. Think of being able to live out your days lounging on sugar-white sand, while aquamarine waves crash onto the shore. Up above you have the Carolina blue sky, the sun shining down, and the call of silver-winged gulls echoing overhead. But there are also several surprising health benefits both mentally and physically that come with Coastal living that you may not know about!

What people call “Blue Space” is essentially a natural environment with any amount of water be it the ocean, a river, a lake, or otherwise. The obvious benefit of living near the coastline is that looking out over the water is a beautiful sight to behold. Even more so when you know that there’s year-round access to a beach nearby. But there are also several more benefits to being near the ocean.

Valued For Hundreds of Years

For many years, ocean water and even being near the coast were considered to have health tonic properties. Seawater was sweetened with honey, and cold water was used to help maintain mental equilibrium. While some of these practices were a product of their time, they were not too far off. Here are what benefits coastal living has to offer:

Cleaner Air

Scientific studies report that air pollution tends to be lower near bodies of water. Coastal air has a higher charge of negative ions than places with less clean air, and these particles have been known to boost serotonin. The greater Wilmington area was found to have some of the cleanest air in all of North Carolina. Perhaps that’s why so many transplants who move here are generally amongst the happiest people you’ll see!

Ocean Breezes Help Boost Your Immune System

Plants and organic fauna that grows around the coast tend to give off something called Phytoncides. This has been known to boost white blood cell levels and keep us physically well. Therefore, moving to and living on the coast has been attributed to good health.

Better Mental State

Being near the water also helps to elevate mood, boost energy, help with sleep, and just generally make you feel good! Living by the sea has been linked to calming the nervous system and making you feel at ease. Just the sound of the ocean has often been a calming force, and that’s certainly true of why so many choose to live in greater Wilmington.

Salt is Good for Skin

Despite what you may think, sea salt has long been known to help restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Salt is also known to detoxify the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Ocean water is known to have exfoliating properties and remove impurities that otherwise clog pores.

It’s amazing how many benefits there are to coastal living beyond just lower taxes, beautiful ocean views, and fresh seafood. The ocean has long been associated with overall well-being. It makes sense to connect that with the thousands of people who have made Southeastern North Carolina their paradise. The team at Coastal Community Real Estate Group can help you find your place on the coast whether you’re looking to buy or sell. Let us help you discover what it means to live coastal!