Benefits of Living in a Master Planned Community

When planning your retirement, choosing the home you’ll live in is a significant decision. You’ll want to factor in the area, the style of home, and the community to make the choice most conducive to your lifestyle. Many retirees find the best choice for them may be in a master-planned community.

What defines a Master-Planned Community

Simply put, a master-planned community is a large-scale residential neighborhood with mindfully designed commercial and recreational amenities. Living in a master-planned community provides a lot of benefits to its residents and are popular among retired adults. The Coastal Carolinas offer a wide selection of award-winning master-planned communities, each supporting an active adult lifestyle and low maintenance living.

Something Offered for Everyone

Nowadays, master-planned communities offer a wide variety of styles. Approved builders are available to build a selectionoffloor plans, ensuring there is something that fits your taste and style. Often, there are neighborhoods designated to certain style and architectural design. Whether you’re interested in single or two-story living, or Floridian or farmhouse, there will be an available floor plan to fit your preference. With the design standards enforced in master planned communities, you can be sure the streets cape looks nice with similar styles that aren’t repetitive. Not quite ready to build? Most master-planned communities also offer three ways to purchase, giving you flexibility to purchase your home site now and build later.

Active Lifestyle Promotion

An important part of choosing your community is the enjoyment you’ll get from amenities, and their ability to support an active adult lifestyle. Amenity rich communities such as Brunswick Forest, and River Lights are popular with the retired community due to their outstanding amenity offerings. These communities offer multiple pools and fitness centers, walking trails, dog parks, pickle ball courts, and much more to keep you active.

Strong Sense of Community

These communities are designed to fostera strong sense of fellowship between its residents. Often, residents of Master-Planned communities are very involved within their community. Resident activities are organized, such as concerts, pool parties and happy hours. Group workouts are offered at the Fitness and Wellness centers and the pools. Residents form their own groups and clubs to socialize, make new friends and get to know their neighbors.

Private, Safe and Secure

Master-Planned communities are often considered some of the safest neighborhoods and offer added privacy. Many have community watch or a neighborhood roving patrol to ensure the safety of their residents. Gated communities such as Compass Pointe and Landfall have additional privacy and security with the entrances being monitored.The extensive planning that goes into these neighborhoods at inception assists in safety as well, with better traffic flow and infrastructure. Location is consideredas well, master-planned communities are frequently near medical services, and emergency services such as police, and fire and rescue.

Low Maintenance & Convenience

Keeping you focused on what’s important in life, master-planned communities were designed with low maintenance and convenience in mind. Often, lawn care is included with the purchase of your home, and floor plans are designed to be livable, focusing on single-story living, open floor plans and zero entry showers instead of bathtubs. These plans were designed with you in mind, optimizing low maintenance and livability without sacrificing style and design. Necessities and conveniences are never far in a master-planned community, with town centers often being at the front of the neighborhood or just down the street. This creates a convenient place to retrieve groceries, shop, dine out or receive medical care, all right outside your door.

Higher Standard of Living

Master-planned communities have additional measures taken to ensure the highest standard of living. Only the community’s preferred builders are allowed to build in a master-planned community, so you can rest assured you are getting quality construction in your home. Home owner’s Associations are put in place as well to regulate common area maintenance and the care of individual residences. These guidelines put in place keep your neighborhood looking nice and protect your property values.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about living in a master-planned community. Could you see yourself in one? We encourage you to see for yourself, as many of these communities offer discovery visits to give you the opportunity to live like a resident for the weekend and see if it’s a good fit! If you are interested in exploring the master planned communities offered in Coastal North Carolina, you’ve come to the right place! Coastal Community Real Estate Group are experts when it comes to master-planned communitiesin the area, and we are here to help navigate your decision! Give us a call to schedule your visit! 855-902-9575