A Team with Experience

Your Local Experts

The processes of home buying, home building, and home selling have a lot of moving parts involved! It’s important to know you have the right real estate team leading the way to answer all your questions. When you need guidance in finding which home is right for you in coastal Carolina, Coastal Community Real Estate Group has over 30 years of experience to guide aspiring homeowners in the right direction.

Real Estate is About Guidance

As an experienced real estate agent will tell you, buying a home is not a “one size fits all” process. Your home will be the single most important asset you have in your life. So why invest in a floor plan that isn’t tailored to your specific needs? That’s where the fantastic team at Coastal Community Real Estate Group comes into play.

Two of the most important aspects you can equip homebuyers with are resources and knowledge. For our team at Coastal Community Real Estate Group, this is a core ideal that we base our agency around. Regardless of if you’re looking to sell, build, finance, or buy a new home, you can count on the team here to help.

What We Do

Real estate is about building a team effort to craft a memorable experience for the client. When the client buys a dream residence or sells a home, their victory becomes our victory. Coastal Community Real Estate group achieves this through a blend of communication, trust, transparency, and providing ample resources for you to use. These resources include our blogs, community guides, and other resources that help you sell a home, purchase a home, or help you through the process of relocation. We also spend millions of marketing dollars a year to make sure you have what you need to buy or sell.

Our Leader

An excellent team needs a stand-out leader that helps keep everyone’s eyes on the mission ahead. For Coastal Community Real Estate Group, that leader is Jerry Helms. Beginning his real estate journey 26 years ago, he has long since been a driving force for growth in master-planned communities like Brunswick Forest. Jerry has chosen to stay local on the coast where his roots are, creating his own real estate agency in the process.

Making Things Personal

Jerry puts a lot of emphasis on providing others with a personal approach to real estate. He knows that each couple or family that chooses to move down South has their own story for doing so. Jerry knows that when you sit down with someone looking to relocate, you are given a lot of responsibility in helping their dreams come true. And it’s that feeling that helps drive Jerry forward, as well as our entire team.

Building a Community

Real estate goes beyond just making a sale, it’s about helping people achieve what they want most and working to build a community that lasts. And we have been doing that for over 30 years. Coastal Community Real Estate Group has the experience to make your coastal paradise a reality. For more information, you can contact our team at 855-902-9575.